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Movement. Mindfulness. Meditation.


Strengthening ourselves and our community.

Classes & Workshops

Yoga tailored to you.


Yoga Classes

These hour long classes emphasize uniting breath with movement as we flow through the postures.  Classes vary from active, vigorous practices to more relaxing slow flow sessions.  Some sessions will incorporate breathing exercises and/or guided meditations.  This variety is intended to help you achieve the ultimate goal of yoga—unity and balance of body and mind!  Modifications are available for all levels, beginner to advanced.


Private Yoga Classes

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn the basics before attending a group class or a more experienced yogi wanting to work on your first arm balance, I can tailor a session to your needs.  Private yoga classes can also go beyond the physical postures to include breathing exercises and/or guided meditations. 


Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops last from 1.5-2 hours and each workshop will have a specific topic or theme.  These events provide an opportunity to go deeper into your yoga and/or meditation practice.  These longer sessions allow plenty of time to practice specific elements of yoga and ask questions.  Workshops are a great opportunity for all yogis from beginner to advanced!  

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Marigold Manifesto
About Marigold Yoga Kula

Marigold flowers represent the light and strength that exists in all of us. Like tiny sunbursts, their orange and yellow hues perfectly capture the bright, strong essence of the sun. 


Kula is a Sanskrit word that translates to “community” or “tribe”. Marigold Yoga Kula is about more than just yoga classes. It’s about community. It’s about caring for ourselves so that we can care for others.  It’s about building healthier, happier and more resilient communities by supporting individuals in their pursuit of health and happiness.  

There’s no official membership required. If you wish for more mindfulness, movement, caring and connectedness in your life, then you can consider yourself a part of our Kula. We have a variety of affordable yoga classes and workshops available in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. We’d love to have you join us!

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About Me

I’m Jesse, founder of Marigold Yoga Kula. I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and yoga has been a part of my life for more than 15 years. I created Marigold Yoga Kula to establish a sense of community, purpose and mutual support among people practicing yoga at all levels  from those who have never tried yoga before to those with years of experience.


I believe that yoga, movement, mindfulness and meditation are incredible tools for improving lives and communities. And I want to make these tools accessible to as many people as possible.


I invite you to join our Kula, our community. Let’s practice yoga together!


"I started joining yoga classes with Jesse with very little experience in practicing yoga and I love it. She helped me to move better and gave me confidence in trying new flows. After a long day of studying and working, yoga with Jesse helped me to relax and to let my mind rest. That’s just what you need!"

Andrea K.

"I have had the pleasure of taking both small and larger group classes with Jesse. The thing I loved most was the variety she gave to both beginners and advanced yogis! The second you enter the room and get on your mat you are transformed into a peaceful and tranquil space that excites you to learn more! 10/10 recommend this class for beginners excited to try a new workout, people wanting to clear their mind, and all yoga enthusiasts!"

Leah W.

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